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Ethical Shopping, Living and Giving.

Positive choice and eco-friendly, homemade, vegan, organic, natural, recycled and biodegradable products for the entire family including your pets, with each one being a little unique. All are carefully selected, made in small batches or customised to order. 


We aim to provide the best buying experience and customer service, offer high-quality, safe and ethically made products, and limit the impact on the environment. We value our customers and suppliers, and see understanding and cooperation as pivotal. We provide an enjoyable, fair and incentivised workplace, and we are passionate about being good to our planet and working with it.

After struggling to source various sustainable, zero waste, vegan and organic items that were also affordable, the Little Vegan Shop was born. It began on a farm in the picturesque Peak District that has been growing organic fruit and veggies. A selection of handmade products was created on the farm and they now carry the Little Vegan Shop brand name and continue to be produced according to the original patterns and recipes.


In addition to the Little Vegan Shop branded products and box sets we have a number of eco-friendly products from other carefully chosen brands as well as a number of items from West Africa and India, including jewellery, bags and batik clothes in lovely, vibrant colours, handmade to our specifications. 


The Little Vegan Shop is part of Mirlando, an ethical enterprise that cares about our environment and promotes healthy living and sustainable business practices. You can find out more about Mirlando and its activities and partnerships below.

All our products come from suppliers that share our ethical business principles and seek to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment as much as we do. You can find out more about our values in our Environmental Policy


We have partnered with Ecologi to plant trees and offset our carbon footprint. For every £100 received in sales we will plant 50 trees and reduce CO2 emissions by 1 ton. 


Our Ecologi profile page also gives you the option to make our forest grow faster by directly buying new trees and reducing CO2 emissions. And if you believe in collective action, you can also sign up yourself. Ecologi will plant an additional 30 trees as a thank you.

If you are curious about your own carbon footprint, you can calculate it yourself. We have found the WWF calculator and the questionnaire easy to use, with well-illustrated results. 


Mirlando’s office footprint is currently at 84.7% versus the UK’s 100% target. By applying sustainable practices, including using an electric car and green energy, we are better than the UK average, but that is no place to rest and we will continue to improve on this.

We use recycled, eco-friendly packaging, recycled acid-free tissue paper, natural hessian ribbon and strings, recycled paper and labels, brown paper tape and biodegradable filling materials. 


Most of the boxes we use are newly recycled boxes but we also reuse packaging materials from our ethical suppliers. Some of our products, such as personalised gifts, are sent directly to you and may be packaged differently. We encourage our suppliers to use eco-friendly packaging.


Yuki, our office dog, likes to reuse the boxes, too, but don’t worry, the box you will receive will not previously have been occupied by her.

Our relationship with you, our customer, is paramount to us. We don’t just see your custom as a transaction. We value the interaction and engagement with you and your feedback, and we hope to inspire you to share our passion and live healthier and more sustainably with us. 



We hope to make your experience of buying from us a great one, an experience that puts a smile on your face, and makes you follow us and visit us repeatedly. You will always receive a prompt and friendly reply to your queries and we will send the order to you beautifully wrapped and as quickly as possible.

Mirlando is a small independent business. Apart from the shop, Mirlando also provides renewable energy solutions, and directly supports charity projects. You can find out more about Mirlando here. Mirlando is a member of the Nature Conservancy and the Fair Trade Society, and a partner of Ecologi. 


Mirlando was founded by Dorit Tavares Ferreira in 2018. Dorit is passionate about helping the environment and enabling positive change. She started Mirlando in response to a growing public awareness of environmental issues and the impact of climate change that could increasingly be felt. Mirlando offers solutions to alleviate the impact on the environment and our lives and focuses on understanding and cooperation. 


With partners in the UK, Germany, Nepal, and Senegal Mirlando now has more people involved, a wider range of suppliers and a new charitable projects to support in different locations. The latest project is Project 33: plastic R3FORM3D. You can read more about it here.


Staying In Touch

You may have gathered that your customer experience and connecting with you is important to us. We hope you love our products and what we do and would like to follow us and support us in driving the change that is so much needed towards a healthier, sustainable and carbon-free future.

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