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Mens Beard Care Gift Set

Our beard care gift set includes a range of handmade beard care products, all organic and vegan. This vegan gift set is the perfect hamper for men who take beard care and growth seriously. The beard balm and oil maintains moisture, softness and prevents breakages while the beard comb keeps your beard neat and tangle free. Finally our exfoliator and face cloth ensures any excess balm or oil is removed from your beard and face during your morning and evening skin care routine. The exfoliator side of the face cloth is great for improving the texture and radiance of your skin, particularly if you’re over 30 as your skin starts to show signs of genetic and environmental ageing.

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The beard care gift set includes:

  • Cedarwood & Cocoa Butter Organic Beard Balm
  • Cedarwood & Orange Organic Beard Oil
  • Recycled Wood Beard Comb
  • Bamboo & Organic Canvas Double Sided Multi-Function Face Cloth and Exfoliator

Cedarwood and Orange Organic Beard Oil

Our vegan recipe is a blend of the finest oils to soften, nourish and strengthen your beard. No nasty impurities have been added everything is 100% organic and vegan friendly. With a woody fresh fragrance each use gives you a softer, hydrated beard promoting natural, healthy growth.


  • Jojoba oil, promotes hair growth and moisturises your beard.
  • Almond oil, rich in vitamin E reducing inflammation and itching during beard growth.
  • Avocado Oil, treats dry skin eliminating beard dandruff and pumps up natural collagen production giving your beard a fuller more healthy appearance.
  • Apricot Oil, retains moisture preventing breakages and your beard becoming dry and brittle.
  • Cedarwood Essential Oils, leaves a long lasting woody aromatic scent, also penetrates those hard to reach places under your beard follicles moisturising and stimulating circulation.
  • Orange Essential Oil acts as an antiseptic and antioxidant which can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil is natural antibacterial and anti-fungal which may reduce acne and scarring.


  • Dimensions –  20ml
  • Material –  Recycled Glass Bottle and pipette applicator, recycled paper and vegan ink
  • Packaging –  Acid Free Recycled Tissue Paper, Organic Jute, Vegan Ink Tag, Recycled Cardboard

Beard Balm

Our handmade beard balm is 100% organic and vegan. Using only a minimum of ingredients in their most purest form including organic unrefined cocoa butter, jojoba oil, cedar wood, tea tree essential oil and vegan beeswax. We aimed to make this beard balm as pure and natural as possible leaving your beard strong, silky smooth and smelling great, too. A perfect gift for the environmentally conscious man.


  • Organic unrefined cocoa butter ensures all the natural minerals and vitamins are present increasing the shine and repairing split ends whilst moisturising your skin and beard.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil – gives the golden colour and promotes hair growth as it reduces the production sebum allowing your beard to grow longer and thicker.
  • Cedarwood – a natural stree reliever, the scent produces serotonin that helps regulate both your sleep and wakefulness. Cedarwood also contains sesquiterpenes which aid the body in releasing natural toxins. It’s also a natural insect repellent.


  • Dimensions –  20ml
  • Material – Recycled metal tin with recycled paper and vegan ink
  • Packaging – Acid Free Recycled Tissue Paper, Organic Jute, Vegan Ink Tag, Recycled Cardboard

Sustainable Eco-friendly Wooden Comb

Keep your beard neat and tidy with this plastic free wooden comb. Handmade from sustainable sources its the perfect addition to a zero waste beard care routine, a great gift for the vegan, organic and eco-friendly man. Handy size to disperse your beard balm throughout your beard without snagging or pulling, separating curls and reducing frizz.


  • Dimensions – 9.5cm x 5cm
  • Material – Sustainable wood
  • Packaging – Acid Free Recycled Tissue Paper, Organic Jute, Vegan Ink Tag, Recycled Cardboard

Bamboo Double Sided Multi-Function Face Cloth & Exfoliator

Luxurious, thick, double sided, super soft 100% bamboo and organic canvas face cloth and exfoliator perfect for all skin types. Absorbent and hard wearing, organic bamboo is naturally anti bacterial and is great for sensitive skin. The organic canvas is a gentle natural exfoliator and works well on any part of your body as well as your face.

We recommend hand washing or a cool machine wash and line dry as they do shrink sightly, dry naturally.


  • Dimensions – 22cm x 22cm (please note sizes may vary slightly as cloths are handmade)
  • Material – Organic Bamboo, organic canvas
  • Packaging – Acid Free Recycled Tissue Paper, Organic Jute, Vegan Ink Tag, Recycled Cardboard


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